About Chancellors

We offer a variety of packaged consulting services, mentorship options, and diagnostic reporting solutions to benchmark your enterprise against industry standards.

CHANCELLORS is an innovative business advisory boutique firm offering a range of dedicated consulting services to micro, small, and medium enterprises who are seeking a revolutionary transformation. Originally incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the firm has now expanded its service offering coverage to include the entire GCC region, along with parts of Europe.

Our firm positions itself as an advisory boutique specializing in providing professional consulting advice and strategic guidance to startups, growing companies, and stagnant businesses within both established and emerging global industries. Our goal is to help clients realize their full potential for performance, productivity, and streamlined efficiency by providing strategic direction that will drive growth and profitability.

Our Process



During our key initial discovery phase, we work with each client to assess their unique business environment, identify technology bottlenecks, and diagnose existing barriers to productivity. Utilizing our unique and proprietary methodology, we are able to pinpoint challenges our clients face within their daily business operations, and subsequently, we share our findings and observations with our clients. This collaborative approach allows us to ensure we design, develop, and execute a strategic plan that will facilitate effective change within each client organization.



Serving as a roadmap, our business plan guides you through each stage of structuring, managing, and growing your business. Having a formal plan in place from the beginning allows us to keep our strategic goals and objectives in sight, outline the methods that we will utilize in order to achieve those goals, and ensure we remain on track in terms of time and cost management.



A diversified approach helps to manage and mitigate business risks, while maintaining exposure and ensuring stable market growth. Diversification is especially effective in highly competitive or economically turbulent industries in which disruption to one sector has the power to have a lasting detrimental impact on your business operations. We will help you identify new markets, target new demographics, and reach a wider audience to gain greater market share and build a solid foundation to increase market presence in new channels.



We strive to maximize value with a unique approach that seeks to provide an optimal balance of project benefits in relation to project costs. Our expert consulting services allow companies to realize that their upfront investment leads to intrinsic organizational value for many years to come, through purposeful incorporation of strategic technologies designed to support business growth over the long term. With a dynamic approach to value management, our team will ensure the initiatives we set forth will transform into successful outcomes.

Our Mission & Values


We support entrepreneurs, business innovators, and generational family business institutions  as they charge into the constantly evolving real economies of the modern business world. 


We believe that technology-driven solutions should be accessible to all enterprises, regardless of size, and we work to achieve organizational value and maximum return on investment for each and every client.


Our actionable strategies and governance advice are specially designed to help small business owners meet the challenges of today.

Originally incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the firm has expanded its service offering coverage to include the GCC region and parts of Europe.

H. Janahi

Managing director


Executive Associate, Health & Safety


Executive Associate, F&B and HORECA Sectors


Associate, Support Services

S. Hodzic

Counselor, Real Estate and Private Equity Advisory

N. Karasalihovic

Executive Associate, Corporate Identity and Visualization


Associate, Graphic Design


Associate, Governance and Statutory Services

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